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Robert Hagaman


Defining Kindergarten Readiness

Defining Kindergarten Readiness Too often people take the fact that their child should stay in Pre-K another year rather than advance to Kindergarten as a personal attack on them. In reality, it’s going to benefit your child in the long run and help them excel more...

Life Insurance and Who Needs It: Singles

This week of Life Insurance and Who Needs It focuses on singles. This category of life insurance seems to get swept under the rug, but it’s important to remember that singles also have a lot of financial responsibility that may become a burden for loved ones in the...

What to Consider When Purchasing Insurance

It finally happened. The time has come where need to find an insurance plan that suits your needs. Maybe you just graduated from your mom and dad’s insurance or maybe you have realized your plan isn’t working for you the way it should. That is where I, Robert Hagaman,...


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