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It finally happened. The time has come where need to find an insurance plan that suits your needs. Maybe you just graduated from your mom and dad’s insurance or maybe you have realized your plan isn’t working for you the way it should. That is where I, Robert Hagaman, come into the picture.

After more than twenty years in the insurance industry and now acting as president and CEO of Hagaman Insurance group, I sometimes see people who don’t know where to begin when it comes to purchasing insurance. As a result, I have compiled a few helpful tips for purchasing insurance.

Insurance is a service that should always keep you covered.

It’s important to remember that insurance at its core is a protection service. It can range in sectors be it a protection plan for your first car or medical coverage for your whole family, but no matter the case it is a service and it needs to work for you. In order for insurance to work effectively, there can’t be huge gaps that leave you unprotected depending on the varied circumstances.

Think of insurance plans like an ice cream sundae. Many pre-designed plans are just the ice cream and you may have to add customizations to ensure that your plan supports your needs and you receive all the toppings your sundae deserves.

As highlighted by Bill Carmody at the least expensive insurance isn’t always the best choice. Obviously, you need to be price conscious and look for discounts or pricing options if you are nervous about investing so much into something you hope you will rarely use. That being said, a some less expensive isn’t comprehensive enough to truly cover you, which leads me to my next point.

Make your insurance group aware of your needs.  

While this may seem a bit on the nose, people don’t always consider that every client is different. At Hagaman Insurance Group it is our job to carefully create a plan that works specifically for our customer. Of course that can be easier said than done.

The important thing is to remember that while you can advocate for yourself, a knowledgeable insurer aware of your needs will be able to provide the best possible product for you and your particular case.

Independent insurance groups are more likely to offer competitive rates based on the entire scope of possibilities within the insurance industry.

With a chance of sounding redundant, there are different types of insurance group. Some groups only offer one line of insurance or only represent one carrier. In the same way you might requested painting quotes from multiple contractors, an independent insurance group surveys multiple carriers to find a best-fit based on your budget and needs.

Read the fine print and if you have questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Too many people don’t take the time to read the fine print. In fact, Forbes estimates that only one in a thousand people actually read through terms of service. When it comes to insurance, you want to understand your policy. You don’t want surprises if it does come time to use it, so get the hard questions out of the way now. Your agent should understand that this is uncharted territory for a lot of people, including yourself and as a result they will be more than happy to clarify. They are, afterall, your agent and your advocate.