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Robert Hagaman

Insurance Professional | Entrepreneur | Investor

For over twenty years Robert Hagaman has worked in the insurance industry. His company, the Hagaman Insurance Group, specializes in life and health insurance as well as Medicare insurance. Throughout his career, Robert’s goal has been to provide consumers with the best information so that they can make informed decisions about their insurance. Today there is so much insurance information available that it can be difficult for consumers to select the best option for themselves and their family. The Hagaman Insurance Group strives to educate every client that walks in their door so that they leave satisfied with their insurance decisions.

As the president and CEO of the Hagaman Insurance Group, Robert Hagaman gets the opportunity to help people every day. His favorite aspect of working in the insurance field is meeting with clients every week both on the phone and during office visits. One of the most difficult challenges of working in the insurance industry is helping clients navigate around all of the misleading information that is available. Most clients don’t have a good understanding of their insurance options, so Robert works hard to help each client learn more and get the best quotes possible.

According to Robert Hagaman, education and communication are the two most important keys to being successful—regardless of the field that you work in. However, these two keys are especially important in the insurance industry. The amount of insurance knowledge that Robert and his team possess helps the Hagaman Insurance Group stand out from competitors. Today the insurance industry is going through many changes related to health care laws. Robert and his team make sure to keep up with the latest insurance laws so that clients get the best information available.

The brokers that work for the Hagaman Insurance Group are careful never to push people when it comes to selecting insurance. Instead, they give clients the knowledge that’s necessary to make the best choices and help guide them along the way. When people go to a company like Blue Cross, they can only gain access to Blue Cross offers. Sometimes this leads to an individual or family selecting a plan that’s not 100% right for their situation. However, Robert Hagaman and his team can look at everything that’s available in the marketplace and help clients pick the best option for their situation.

In addition to his work in insurance, Robert works in the real estate industry. To learn more about his involvement in real estate, visit his real estate website.