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Robert Hagaman is the President and CEO of the plethora of businesses under the Hagaman Brand. This includes Hagaman Investments, Hagaman Property Development, Hagaman Facility Maintenance, Hagaman Enclosed Trailer Sales, Hagaman Transportation, Hagaman Wholesale Carpet and Tile Distribution, and The Learning Experience Child Preschool Academy.

Robert has over twenty years of professional experience. Thanks to his passion for learning and the understanding that knowledge is the key to success, Robert has acquired a diversified skill set that allows him to excel in all that he does.

For more than two decades, Robert Hagaman has worked in the insurance industry. His company, Hagaman Insurance Group, specializes in health and life insurance, as well as Medicare insurance. Robert hones in on finding a solution for each of his clients based on their specific situations and needs. Navigating the multitude of misconceptions regarding insurance is one of the many ways in which Robert helps his clients enact informed decisions about coverage. Recognizing that it can be challenging to find conclusive information about all things insurance, Robert prioritizes providing his clients with the most accurate information possible so that they can feel assured when selecting an insurance plan for themselves and their families.

In 2010, Robert Hagaman utilized his passion for real estate and entered into real estate investment. For the last eight years, he has relished in creating high-end rental opportunities for local communities. He enjoys seeing how investments have the ability to create stronger neighborhoods in his area. Unlike many developers that are more engrossed with fixing up houses and turning them for a profit, Robert and his team are invested in rebuilding homes and renting them out to community members.

In addition to his insurance and real estate ventures, Robert Hagaman owns and operates The Learning Experience, an early education facility in Toms River, New Jersey. Familiar with the importance of learning and knowledge, Robert acknowledges how children learn is just as vital as what they learn. Early childhood is a critical point in time for brain development, and the education a child receives sets the foundation for future growth, development, and learning capability. He prides himself on providing students and parents with the most excellent first experience with learning.

Robert Hagaman truly enjoys helping others find success and living their lives to the fullest. Robert currently lives in Toms River, New Jersey with his wife and three children. He loves basketball and spending time with his family.